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Wealth Management

The management of your financial goals can be a complex, time consuming task, so let the experienced professionals of WNB Trust help with that burden. We offer quality investment solutions unique to your personal situation. We can design and coordinate an investment plan that will help you accomplish your immediate and long-term financial goals. For more information, look at the investment calculators.

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Asset Preservation

Your investment needs today may not be the same as those in the future. Through an investment approach utilizing proper asset allocation, diversification, and personalized retirement planning, the WNB Trust team of professionals can work with you to establish a plan that best preserves your assets, helping to meet your life-long goals.

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Ease of Tax Reporting

Do you get frustrated at year end with the compilation of information required for your tax returns? With the establishment of an account within our Trust Department, we can simplify this task for you. We are able to provide you with a concise year-end report indicating what information is required to be reported on your returns. Rather than collecting this information from a multitude of sources, we can provide the same information to you in one concise report.

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Retirement Planning

It is never too early or too late to start planning for retirement. Establishing the right plan can help determine how comfortable your retirement years will be. At WNB Trust, a retirement specialist can assist with a plan that is tailor-made to accomplish your goals and retirement dreams. We can help you determine contribution amounts along with the proper allocation of investments required to meet your goals. For additional information, review the retirement calculators.

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In Case of Incapacitation

As Power of Attorney, WNB Trust can handle your financial affairs in the event that you are unable to do so. The experienced staff of WNB Trust can assist with the necessary day-to-day matters such as bill paying, health insurance claims, tax preparation, as well as investment management of your assets. Emergencies are unpredictable; however, with a Power of Attorney in place, your family will not be burdened with the additional tasks of handling your financial affairs.

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Estate Planning

No matter what your age, marital status, or financial wealth, you need a sound estate plan. Understanding the estate plan options that best meet your needs can be a complex undertaking. A good estate plan can help preserve your assets, ensure the distribution of your property is completed as you have directed, and minimize the amount of taxes and expenses you incur. WNB Trust can work with you and your advisors to create a strategic estate plan that addresses your individual needs.

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Control of Assets into the Future

By creating a Trust Under Will, also known as a Testamentary Trust or a Residuary Trust, you can control what happens with your assets at the time of your death. You have a say in the eventual disposition of assets to beneficiaries you have determined. These can include a surviving spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, charities, and others. WNB Trust, as a professional trustee, will carry out the provisions of the Trust — your wishes.

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Avoid Probate Expenses

With the establishment of a Revocable Living Trust, you can avoid the expenses and time delays associated with the probate process. If all of your assets are registered into the name of the Revocable Living Trust; upon your death, the assets will pass to your beneficiaries as you have designated in the trust document. A Revocable Living Trust is also confidential and is not available for public record.

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WNB as a Corporate Trustee

The officers and staff of WNB Trust are knowledgeable and trained in all areas of Trust Administration. By designating a Corporate Trustee, you can be assured that our office will always be there to help; unlike an individual trustee, who may become incapacitated, die prior to you, be unwilling to serve, or lack the knowledge and/or time to do so.

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Important Notice
Some Trust products may not be FDIC Insured, a Bank Product, or have a Bank Guarantee. For more information, please contact our Trust Department.
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