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Personal Banking
Young Adults

 As you get older, you come upon milestones in your life: entering high school, learning to drive, graduating, and becoming an independent adult. For each milestone, you prepare in a different way. An important preparation for becoming an independent adult is learning to make smart financial decisions and establishing good credit. 

One way to prepare for financial independence is to start a checking account. While you may not be paying household bills, having a checking account now will help you learn the budgeting process and will establish a credit history before you have household bills of your own.

We have several checking options and would be happy to help you choose the account that best fits your needs. Please view our checking account options and contact one of our Personal Bankers who can answer any of your questions or assist you in opening your account.

Fun Financial Links

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  • What’s My Score: Get up-to-speed on credit with interactive tutorials, videos, and useful links. Learn everything you need to know about credit, buying your first car, and how to stay out of debt.
  • Practical Money Skills: Get tips on how to manage a budget, how debit cards work, or other financial information.
  • Calculators: Are you ready to buy your first car or wondering how long it will take to save for that new computer? Use our calculators to help answer your savings or loan questions.
  • Budgeting Worksheet (PDF)
  • Countdown to Retirement: Play this game to learn what you'll need to earn and save for retirement.
  • Financial Football: Help your favorite NFL team win by correctly answering financial questions.