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Freedom Checking Green Rewards Checking   PaySound Checking Plan Now Account Rewards Plus Checking Lion’s Pride
Rewards Checking
Minimum balance required $0 $0 $0  $500 $10,000 Monthly average of at least $1,000
Free Debit Card X  X X X
Free Debit Card with Rewards X   X
Free Internet Banking X X  X X X X
Free Internet Bill Pay* X X  X X X X
Free e-Statements available X X  X X X X
Earns interest X  X X X X
Check order discount X X   X X
Installment loan discounts w/AFT X X  X X X X
Free money orders and cashier’s checks X X  X X X X
Free check images w/statement  X X X
Safe Deposit Box discount  X X X
*The bill paying service is provided without charge unless the account is inactive for a one calendar month period. After the calendar month of inactivity, a $5.00 monthly fee will be charged until the bill payment account becomes active again.

Ask a Personal Banker for details. Terms and conditions apply. See below for details on each account.

Green Rewards Checking

Green Rewards Checking is designed to be environmentally and customer friendly. In its environmental friendly capacity, the account utilizes electronic statements, a debit card, and Internet Banking and Internet Bill Pay, while discouraging the use of paper checks. On the customer-friendly side, the account earns a competitive interest rate and uses a cash back debit card that earns cash each month on non-PIN debit card purchases.*

*Green Rewards Cash Back transactions include all debit card purchases made without using a PIN. These purchases include: when you sign the receipt, Internet, phone or mail-order, small dollar amounts that do not require a signature, pay at the pump when “credit” is selected, and bill payments (where billers process the transaction as a credit card). Cash advances and ATM transactions do not qualify. If asked "Debit or Credit," always select "CREDIT." The money for your purchase is always deducted from your checking account when you use your debit card, even if you select "Credit." Your Green Rewards Cash Back will automatically be deposited into your checking account monthly. 

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Freedom Checking 

Freedom Checking is ideal for students, families, or individuals who want the convenience of a checking account without having to maintain a minimum balance. And that's just the beginning! Winona National Bank also offers free basic checks, free Internet Banking, and free Internet Bill Pay.

Additional Benefits: e-Statements and loan discount with automatic payment from checking.

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PaySound Checking Plan

The PaySound® Plan is a full-service checking account with no bank overdraft fees or return check charges.* Customers have spending control as we will return or decline any item presented to the account that would overdraw it. PaySound also offers an optional line of credit, up to $1,000, with no credit score required.** Apply online in seconds at PaySound.com/WinonaNationalBank!

Additional Benefits: Free Internet Banking, free Bill Pay, free Mobile Banking, and free e-Statements.

*Winona National Bank will return or decline items presented to your PaySound checking account that will overdraw your account (to the extent possible within our system), and Winona National Bank will never charge you an overdraft or a returned item fee. Please note: Returned checks from a PaySound checking account may be subject to fees from third-party merchants. Monthly participation fee of $14.95 applies.

**All credit products are subject to credit approval. You must have a PaySound checking account to be approved for and maintain a PaySound line of credit. To be eligible to apply for the PaySound line of credit, up to $1,000, with no credit score required, you must have an existing checking account at Winona National Bank that has been open for at least 96 days.
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Rewards Plus Checking

Rewards Plus Checking is designed for those who want a bit more from their checking account. With Rewards Plus, you receive valuable discounts on other bank products and services, as well as earning interest on your checking account balance.

Additional Benefits: Free Internet Banking, free Internet Bill Pay, free cashier’s checks and money orders, installment loan discounts with automatic payment from checking, safe deposit box discount, and e-Statements. 

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Now Checking

Now Checking allows you to earn a competitive interest rate on your account balance when you maintain a $500.00 minimum balance.

Additional Benefits:
Free Internet Banking, free Internet Bill Pay, installment loan discounts with automatic payment, and e-Statements.

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Lion's Pride Rewards Checking

Lion's Pride Rewards Checking is specially designed for our Lion's Pride members, offering many of the benefits of our Green Rewards account without check writing restrictions. Visit our 50 & Better page for details.

Additional Benefits: Free check images, free checks, free debit rewards, free Internet Banking, free Internet Bill Pay, free money orders and cashier's checks, and e-Statements.

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Overdraft Line of Credit

Overdraft Line of Credit is available with a qualifying application on any of our checking accounts. For more information or to apply see our Overdraft Line of Credit application.

*Must meet credit qualification requirements.

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Reorder Checks

Click here to reorder your Deluxe Personal Checks.

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Checking Switch Kit 

Switching your checking account to a new bank may seem overwhelming at first, but with our Free Checking Switch Kit, it is simple. Our kit supplies you with the forms needed to quickly and easily change your direct deposits, automatic payments, and other electronic transactions. Still not sure that switching can be that easy? Just ask one of our Personal Bankers for help.

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