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About Us
Winona National Bank is proud to sponsor local events which bring life to our community.

Great River Shakespeare Festival

The Great River Shakespeare Festival has a clear-cut mission statement: “to be ‘the’ place in America to attend plays by Shakespeare.” The organization puts on plays and other related events each year in Winona, targeted at audiences of all ages.

Minnesota Beethoven Festival

The Minnesota Beethoven Festival creates an annual series of concerts in order to increase appreciation for classical music in the area. The event features soloists, ensembles, and orchestras honoring Beethoven’s legacy as a musical composer.

Theatre du Mississippi's Frozen River Film Festival

Since 1977, the Theatre du Mississippi has been operating in Winona. A non-profit theatre organization, the group sponsors the Frozen River Film Festival. This event is an opportunity to educate and engage viewers about ideas that help them become more involved in the world. Topics include environmental issues, extreme sports, travel, and culture.

Ready Set School

Ready Set School, a program of the Winona County Collaborative, helps children get basic supplies to succeed in school. Qualification for the program is based upon income and family size. Your generous donation can help all children get the most out of school. That’s good for them, our schools, and our community.

In the spring, information about Ready Set School is conveyed to all parents of children who are attending grades K-12 in any public or private school in Winona County. The cooperation of Winona County schools and school districts is a vital part of this effort. If a request for assistance comes from a household with an income that qualifies, the household will be given a voucher for each child, attending K-12, in the household. The voucher must be used to purchase school supplies and clothing.

In the fall, school supplies are delivered to every school, private and public, in Winona County. School staff and teachers distribute the donated supplies to those children who need them throughout the year. The school supplies come from private donations. Most of these supplies are donated during the months of July and August when Ready Set School places donation barrels in various Winona County businesses. Customers are encouraged to purchase school supplies and place them in the donation barrels.

Collegiate Athletics

Winona National Bank is proud to be an athletic sponsor for both Winona State University and Saint Mary's University.