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About Us
School Partnerships
Financial education is the keystone to strong, financially independent adults. Winona National Bank has developed partnerships with the Winona area schools to further the students’ financial educations.

Classroom Presentations

Our bank coworkers work together with teachers to create financial presentations for their classes. Some of these presentations include: how to use and balance checking accounts, credit reports, credit cards vs. loans, careers in banking, and savings. We would be happy to customize a presentation to fit the needs of your class.

Financial Workbooks

Winona National Bank offers two workbooks, titled “Saving with Mandy and Randy” and “How to Do Your Banking,” for teachers to integrate into their curriculum. The workbooks and teacher’s guides are free and available by request. “Saving with Mandy and Randy” is geared toward first and second grade students as they learn vocabulary words, identify and count coins, add and subtract money, and practice savings skills. For middle and high school students, teachers can utilize the seven-chapter “How To Do Your Banking,” which helps students practice checking account management, develop saving strategies, create personal budgets, keep organized financial records, and establish and keep a good credit rating.

Bank Tours

It has been a long tradition for area students to take a field trip to our Historic Downtown Office. With our original “mammoth steel vault,” impressive architecture, and museum of African safari mounts, the bank has always been a field trip favorite. We also offer “behind the scenes” tours that can be customized to fit teachers’ lesson plans.

To schedule a classroom presentation, request workbooks or teacher’s guides, or to customize a tour that will fit your classroom needs, please call 507-454-8800.