WNB Mobile Banking Login

To enroll in Internet Banking, click the login button above, then click the "Enroll" link on the Login page.

WNB Mobile Banking
Winona National Bank is Always Open through WNB Mobile Banking.  WNB Mobile Banking gives you access to your WNB accounts 24/7 through any web-enabled OR text-enabled phone. 

With WNB Mobile Banking on a web-enabled phone you can:
  • View account balances
  • View account transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View alerts
  • Pay bills
If your phone does not have web access, TEXT mobile banking allows you to:
  • View account balances
  • View account transactions

View the WNB Mobile Banking user guide for more details.

Accessing WNB Mobile Banking

Prior to using WNB Mobile Banking, you must be enrolled in Internet Banking.

WNB Mobile can be accessed by:

  • Clicking on the WNB Mobile Banking Login link on our mobile website from your phone
  • Texting mobile commands to 89549
  • Downloading free Mobile Apps designed specifically for smartphones 
    • Access the Android App through the Google Play Store and search for "WNB Mobile Banking"
    • Access iPhone or iPad Apps through iTunes and search for "WNB Mobile Banking"

WNB Mobile Text Commands

 <5-digit number>  Security code texted to 89549 when enrolling or changing enrollment information
 Help  Returns command references
 Bal  Returns balance for all enrolled accounts
 Bal <mobile short name>  Returns balance for specified account
 Hist  Returns last 4 transactions for all enrolled accounts
 Hist <mobile short name>  Returns last 4 transactions for specified account
 Stop  Disables enrollment for text mobile banking

*Note: SMS messages are not case sensitive

No account numbers will be stored on your phone. All communications are securely encrypted for your safety.
Though Winona National Bank offers this as a free service, data usage rates may apply. Contact your wireless service provider for details.